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Group of cocktails in honor of Women's History Month. Each inspired by a flower, garnished with buds and fruits.

Women's History Month Cocktails

Women's History Month is one of our favorite times of year here at Freeland Spirits! At our tasting room in Portland, OR, we embraced the spirit of empowerment and recognition by calling upon our talented and creative associates to craft a cocktail special inspired by a particular flower. Through this thematic approach, we pay homage to the historical association between women and flowers, acknowledging the profound symbolism they share – of strength, resilience, and inherent beauty. With each sip, we raise our glasses not only to the remarkable women of the past but also to the present and future, celebrating their enduring contributions and indomitable spirit. Join us in this floral tribute, as we toast to the essence of women empowerment and the lasting impact of women throughout history. 


Kendra posing with her cocktail Artemis Moon, next to bottle of Forest GinArtemis Moon by Kendra
The Artemis Moon is named after the Greek goddess, Artemis. She is one of the most revered deities in Greek mythology. She is known as the goddess of childbirth, fertility, the woods and the hunt. She is often depicted with a crescent moon crown, as well as being surrounded by women or nymphs. The basis of this cocktail and its  namesake is two-fold. One, for the goddess representing women and children and the protection of their health and safety. Second, using Forest gin and earthy, floral ingredients, it stands for the woods that Artemis so fervently loved and represented. 
Grace posing with her cocktail Femme Fatale, next to bottle of Cask Strenght BourbonFemme Fetale by Grace
The inspiration for this cocktail comes from an archetype that appears in history, art, and literature; the “Femme Fatale”. She is a multifaceted and complex woman, a character who pushes past societal limitations, and embodies mystery and beauty. I wanted to use our Cask Strength Bourbon mainly because of its high proof, and paired that with a little sweetness of vanilla and cherry to match the tasting notes. Freeland’s bourbon has a similar energy of complexity, and signifies the freedom we have as women to be creative and strong in our pursuits. 
Freeland Spirits Bar Manager Summer posing with her cocktail I Ca Buy Myself Flowers and bottle of Dry GinI Can Buy Myself Flowers by Summer
I wanted to do a play on a Gin Daisy to have something light and refreshing just in time for spring. I love the idea of using flowers as a garnish in cocktails. While thinking of a Daisy and flowers the song by the GREAT Miley Cyrus "I Can Buy Myself Flowers" came into my head and wanted to have a drink that was an homage to her. Her song has become an anthem for strong, independent women and I also wanted to celebrate Miley's first Grammy Win!
Elaine posing with The Georgia Poppy cocktail and bottle of Freeland Old Tom GinThe Georgia Poppy by Elaine
The Georgia poppy is an ode to Georgia O'Keefe the American painter and photographer. She was known for her vibrant and radial depiction of flowers. She became a monumental symbol of independence and femininity in art. Becoming such a force in the art world despite the odds being stacked against her, it only felt right there was a bit of a spicy kick to the drink.
Rose posing with Rosie the Riveter cocktail and bottle of Freeland GinRosie the Riveter by Rose
My cocktail was inspired by wanting to create something floral with a little sour. Once I formulated it, I chose the name Rosie the Riveter because of its color but also because it’s a nice drink to enjoy after a long day of work.


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