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Our Craft

From Grain to Glass.

Crafted with care in Portland, Oregon

We source our grains and botanicals in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and distill our spirits in the capital of small craft, Portland.

Molly & Jill tasting Bourbon

Master Distiller Molly Troupe commands perfection with every spirit she crafts.

Fun fact: Women have more taste buds and 50% more olfactory cells than their male counterparts. In other words, you want a woman making your spirits. More specifically, you want Molly Troupe behind the still.

Molly didn’t set out to become a Master Distiller. In fact, she was planning on becoming a forensic scientist until she realized it wasn’t her calling. Figuring that making spirits would be a much better way to put her chemistry background to use, Molly headed to Scotland and got a master’s degree in Distillation. She was running production at a small distillery in Bend, Oregon when Freeland founder Jill Kuehler reached out with an invitation to join forces. Molly agreed, making her one of the world’s youngest female Master Distillers.

In the months that followed, Molly threw on her chemist goggles and started making gin in a tiny test still. First, she distilled dozens of botanicals down to their purest essence—an arduous process that takes over eight hours for each one. Then she started tinkering, adding a bit of this and that until she created a gin that was off-the-charts delicious. Molly applies the same exacting process to each of our award-winning craft spirits, using a mix of science and imagination to create what can only be described as artistry in a glass.

One more fun fact: plants exposed to music grow into happier, healthier plants. Which explains why Molly can often be found busting a move on the distillery floor. The way she sees it, when she starts with happy ingredients, tastier spirits are the result. We’ll drink to that.

Our cold distillation process preserves every bright, vibrant note.

Our copper pot still, Hellbitch
Molly using rotovap

Our fresh flavors come from a process like no other. Our traditional copper pot sill, lovingly named Hellbitch, works along side our singular and best-in-class cold vacuum macerator.

This dual distillation yields gins that are brighter and more vibrant, and allows us to use fresh ingredeints in the distillation process. Fresh herbs would be cooked and die in traditional distilling, so most commercially produced gins are made with essences. But with our process, the delicate flavors of our "fresh five" botanicals are maintained, resulting gin that is beautifully fragrant and delicious to sip neat or mix up in your favorite cocktail.

Bottle filling
Gin label being applied
hand labeled bourbon cork
making our spirits

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