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** Celebrate PRIDE with us! A % of proceeds from cocktail kits & events go to Basic Rights Oregon!**

Crazy Aunt Lindsey, Rose's Fund

Lindsey is the award-winning creator + host of The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey, YouTube’s most beloved kids science web series that takes everyday science concepts and turns them into fabulous DIY projects children can do at home with their families.

Named one of Portland Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 for 2019, Lindsey E. Murphy has been called a “visionary,” “ force of nature,” “breath of fresh air,” and is said to “light up the darkest corners of any room.” This may be because she believes in and strived toward a world full of joy, fun, healed hearts, and people empowered and released to truly live out the fullness of their lives. These are the values that inform every single thing she does.

Come to the tasting room and celebrate Crazy Aunt Lindsey with her custom drink, The Fab Lab. Lindsey chose Rose's Fund as her non-profit in honor of the anniversary of a beloved pets passing. Rose’s Fund made sure that her cat's last days were comfortable. Come into the tasting room today and taste this delicious creation!

The Fab Lab cocktail

The Fab Lab

2 oz Freeland Bourbon
1 oz fresh lemon juice
.75 oz ginger honey syrup

Shake all ingredients

Double strain over a large ice cube - frozen with a little lavender.

And to really honor Lindsey and her love of science, we're burning a small amount of cherry wood and snuffing out the flame in the glass the cocktail will be served in. The smoke collects in the glass, giving a beautiful smoky aroma. Come to the tasting room for a little Fab Lab drink-making science show and ask the Freeland bartenders how to make the ginger honey syrup and lavender ice cubes.

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