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** Celebrate PRIDE with us! A % of proceeds from cocktail kits & events go to Basic Rights Oregon!**

Pride Kit: The Bold Fashioned

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Embrace the boldness of Pride with our exclusive Pride Kit: The Bold Fashioned. This premium cocktail kit brings a festive twist to the classic Old Fashioned, perfect for celebrating love and diversity with every sip.

What's Inside:

  • 1x 750ml bottle of Freeland Bourbon: This handcrafted bourbon offers rich, complex flavors that serve as the perfect foundation for your cocktails, delivering a taste that is both bold and smooth.

  • 1x bottle of Modica Tart Cherry Old Fashioned mixer: Infused with the tart and tangy essence of cherries, this mixer elevates your Old Fashioned to new heights, adding a vibrant and fruity kick to a timeless favorite.

  • 1x Gold Brew Glitter: Add a shimmering touch to your drinks with this edible gold glitter. Perfect for making your cocktails sparkle and shine, just like the spirit of Pride.

  • 3x Freeland Pride stickers: Raise a glass with Pride! This kit includes three different Freeland Pride stickers.

Whether you're toasting to love at a Pride event or enjoying a sophisticated cocktail at home, the Pride Kit: The Bold Fashioned is the perfect choice. Raise your glass and celebrate with a drink that's as bold and beautiful as the community it honors!

Join us in celebrating Pride with a cocktail that's full of character and charm. Order your Pride Kit: The Bold Fashioned today and make your Pride celebration truly unforgettable!

How to make it: 

2 oz Freeland Bourbon 

.5 oz Tart Cherry mixer 

Stir for 40 seconds, serve over a large ice cube. garnish with an orange/lemon twist and an amarena cherry. Add edible glitter to your liking.  

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